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2023 Sizzle reel 

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A video production agency with a focus on creating

commercials, branded content, & corporate work.

Call us old school but we believe in quality over quantity

and that story matters above all else.

Based in Oklahoma

Corporate Video Shoot
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Common Collaborators 

V2 operates as a collective of freelancers.

The ones listed below are our most common collaborators but our network is vast.

Working this way ensures every video has the perfect crew needed to execute the project.

and many more



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  • What is the average project budget?
    Every project can be drastically different in budget and scope but our minimum required budget is typically around $15,000. Do not hesitate to reach out to us either way. We always want to help anyway we can even if that is sharing some other options or vendors with you.
  • What is branded content?
    It is marketing/advertising content that's sponsored or created by a brand that, while sharing in the brand's values, does not directly advertise or promote the brands products or services. Think brand films, testimonials, documentaries, certain social content, etc.
  • What is the average turn-around for a project?
    This heavily depends on the scope of the project but we try to work very fast and that transfers to the edit as well. We can typically try to get you a first draft within a week of wrapping production.
  • What if I need videos on a consistent basis?
    If you are looking for monthly or quarterly video content, be that for social, website, or advertising, we do offer a subscription model. You can read more about it - here - We only accept a small amount of these clients per year so please reach out with questions and to check availability.
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